A Day of Constitution

Day 11:  Grand Cayman Island

Today is Constitution Day in Grand Cayman.

Cayman received its first written constitution in 1959, the same year in which Cayman ceased to be a dependency of Jamaica.  In 1962, following Jamaica’s independence from England, Cayman chose to remain as a Crown Colony.  In 1972, a new constitution was introduced under which Cayman would be governed by a Legislative Assembly, Executive Council and a Governor. In this same year, Cayman introduced its own currency.  In 1973, the Bahamas became independent, and Cayman’s banking industry took off.

Again the weather today is not great, but it makes any sightseeing difficult because lots of things are closed due to the public holiday.  I was thinking a visit to the National Gallery would be perfect for today, but its closed also.  Rather than sit on the couch cloaked in boredom, I decide to head to the shops to pick up some groceries and spend the day cooking up a storm.

The best thing about Constitution Day is the fireworks display hosted at Camana Bay.  So we head down to the bay for a few drinks at West Indies and some dinner at the Waterfront Diner, stopping to climb the Observation Tower for a view of the bay and surrounds.   The tower, whilst not many stories high, is decorated with a stunning continuous floor to ceiling mural of sea life.

Observation tower mural
Observation tower mural
Observing the Bay
Observing the Bay

Despite being unable to book a table, we were able to walk right in and be seated.  The diner is quite a funky little setting, rustic tables and chairs but with a modern feel.  The menu displays quite homestyle sort of cooking, comfort food, with lots of choice.  We start off with a flat bread of prosciutto, cheese and basil – really nice and of course, like just about all food here, salty.  Yoshi goes for chicken and waffles with gravy, Katie a maple salmon salad, and I decide to try a meatloaf with vegies and mashed potato.

Ready to eat
Ready to eat

The food is so good.  The servings are on the rather large side meaning we leave the restaurant absolutely full and ready to sleep.  We don’t even contemplate hanging around for the fireworks, heading back to the apartment, instead opting to take in the view of the fireworks from our third floor balcony.

The sky lit up over Camana Bay
The sky lit up over Camana Bay

It’s a very short show and we have quite a good view from here, so the option of staying in was a good one.  I think we are all asleep about 10 minutes later.


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