Dolphins and Buckaneers

Day 15:  Grand Cayman Islands

Katie and I start the day with a nice walk around the golf course.  Nice walk until, like a scene out of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, Katie gets swooped by some rather aggressive little black birds, fired up by mating season.  Checking to make sure there’s no blood, we continue on our way, instinctively ducking whenever we see one.  I’m told that normally the iguanas flock to this golf course, but it’s early in the morning and not yet warm, so I am safe.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about our plans for today.  Katie has organised for us to visit Dolphin Cove to play with the dolphins.  And upon arrival, it’s clear we have been spoilt a treat – we score the ultimate dolphin package (itself worth USD$159), with video and photos included for the grand price of absolutely NOTHING!  I haven’t mentioned til now, but Katie has managed to score me discounts and free admissions to almost everything I have done on this island.  I have been truly spoilt and cannot thank her enough.  These things don’t happen to me in real life, and they are making my trip extra special because I am getting to experience so many new things – it’s absolutely amazing.  Though Katie rubs it off as just being perks of the hospitality industry, I can’t tell her how much it means to me.

In any case, the ultimate dolphin package means that we get to play with the dolphins – lots.  We are pecked on the cheek and get to kiss them back, we ride on their fins, dance with them and get a toepush ride from them.  Our new friends for the morning are Reggae and Luna.  They are such delightful creatures, all soft and velvety and this is truly an experience to remember.

Hitching a ride with the dolphins - or at least hitching my bikini bottoms up so there's no nasty surprises for the other spectators....
Hitching a ride with the dolphins – or at least hitching my bikini bottoms up so there’s no nasty surprises for the other spectators….

Driving along the highway, we feel like nothing can stop us.  Oh wait, I don’t think that’s euphoria anymore – actually nothing can stop us, except the handbrake, because unfortunately the car’s brakes seem to give up the ghost, and the traffic ahead is looming.  Thank goodness Katie pulls on the handbrake before the inevitable.  A kindly gentleman helps us push the vehicle to a parking space and we decide not to let this little mishap ruin our plans for the day and continue on to our lunch venue via local bus.

We arrive at Bread and Chocolate, which is a highly recommended Vegan restaurant in Georgetown.  The food here is amazing.  My portabello mushroom sandwich is so tasty – I just can’t understand why anyone would need meat with each meal if there’s mushrooms involved!  We decide to share desert so that we can both taste the peanut butter cups and caramel brownie – but the waitress, whom Katie has befriended previously, delivers us a serve each under the pretext it’s too hard to halve.  Oh goodness, we have been chowing down on Reece’s choc peanut butter cups, but these ones are in a whole nother realm.  I’m really glad we had the chance to dine here!

But we need to leave room for tonight’s Buccaneer’s Feast at Solana on the Beach at the Marriott Hotel.  Seeing as we missed out on the Kaibo beach BBQ due to the weather, and Culture Shock (a local culture and food evening) which we were going to be attending tonight being cancelled – this makes up for both – a buffet by the sea with live entertainment.

Ceviche and scallops
Ceviche and scallops

We are greeted by Katie’s friend Marc who proceeds to spoil us with the best table overlooking the water.  The spread features a salad bar, pasta bar (where you can choose your own pasta to be made fresh in front of you), a ceviche station – which also has the most amazing scallops and two types of ceviche (mahi-mahi and shrimp), hot dishes like roast beef, sautéed vegetables, plaintain mash, ribs and the like and of course – always the star of a buffet show – a dessert bar (think mini fruit tarts, smores, rum cake, chocolate brownie mousse…..).  The strawberry margueritas are going down an absolute treat.  And we pay barely nothing for this stunning evening, served with a shot of complimentary rum on the side.

Katie and Margeuritas
Katie and Margeuritas

There is a fire eater, who stuns the crowd with fire limbo display as well as fire blowing.  There’s live Caribbean music accompanied by the obligatory backing track.  There’s face painting (Katie wouldn’t let me get a moustache painted on though) and balloon shapes for the kids (little and big).


Of course the best part of the night for me aside from dining with my friends and yet another thing to tick of the list for this trip is the Caribbean sunset which is priceless.

The best things in life are free
The best things in life are free


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