Standing Up in Cayman

Day 17:  Grand Cayman Islands

This mornings news runs a story about a plane crash at San Francisco International Airport.  Two dead, no idea of the cause.  It’s causing all kinds of delays to flights though, with the earliest flights to SFO likely to be Wednesday.  I’m not due to fly to San Fran until next Sunday, so fingers crossed it’s all cleared within the next week.

One of the first experiences on my list of things to do in Cayman was to learn stand up paddle boarding.  For the uninitiated, stand up paddle boarding, or SUP’ing, is basically where you get a big board like a flat surfboard and a paddle, and you paddle along over the water using your pole.  And that’s exactly where I’m off to today.  I’ve booked a 1hr private lesson so that I get the best chance at not looking like an idiot on my board. I’m due to meet Jonny at 11.30. He’s late. I’m not sure whether I’m standing in the wrong spot or whether he’s just not coming. Fifteen minutes later and just as I’m about to give up, he arrives apologizing for his lateness and explaining that it was due to Wimbledon. He’s quite good looking so I forgive him.

SUPing in Cayman
SUPing in Cayman

He pulls the boards and paddles from the back of the truck and we head down to the sand. After running through the basics (if only I had a $1 for every time I have been told to keep eyes up over the last year, yes I’m looking at you Mel) its time to brave the waters. Its actually easier to get on the board and stand up than I thought it would be, forget the fact Jonny’s holding the board steady. We run through a few paddles and how to turn and I’m doing it!

It takes a lot of work in your lower legs to keep yourself steady on the board and a lot of upper body work to get and keep yourself moving. But I am definitely having much less trouble than I thought I would. Gliding over the waves you get a totally different view of the ocean and I particularly love the fact that theres a nice thick board between me and whatever is down there. I manage to fall off only twice, yay for me, and I get to try two different boards. His board, which is narrower is actually easier to handle.

The hour is over so quickly but I’ve really enjoyed SUPing and will have to look into doing it more once I get home. I’m proud to say I nailed it.  Jonny said so.

There’s one last thing I’ve got to do here and that’s to head to the Resort restaurant, the Sunshine Grill, and try their special – tres tacos.   Sunshine Grill has the reputation of preparing the best tacos on the island, so I’ve just gotta find out!  One of my favourite things at home is taco night at Mum and Dad’s when Lola is over for the school holidays, so I need to know how these ones compare.  The tacos are soft tacos, one filled with mahi-mahi (fish), one with shrimp and the other with Cuban chicken.  They are really yummy, especially the shrimp one, that’s my favourite.  But I’m glad to say that given our basic tacos back home are hard shelled, I can safely say that these ones pose no threat to taco night at home, simply because they are different.  They will be another great thing I remember about Cayman.

Tres Tacos
Tres Tacos

For the last night in Cayman, we head to Sunset House for dinner.  I get to see my last Caribbean sunset and it’s all very lovely until it starts to rain, quite hard.  Luckily we have finished our meal just as it gets to heavy, so we head home, stopping by Legendz for a last drink together.  I can’t quite believe two weeks has gone by already.

The last goodbye
The last goodbye


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