A Full Day of Travel to Arrive Half an Hours Flight Away

We were supposed to take a short half hour flight to reach Langkawi today. Unfortunately, Malaysia Airlines changed our flight (not sure if its anything to do with the missing flight MH370), so that it will now take us three and a half hours to get there, having to go via Kuala Lumpur!  If you go grab a look at a map, you’ll see that KL is well below the island of Penang, and that Langkawi is above Penang.  So we are flying southward for an hour to go north of where we already were!  Which means a whole day of travel pretty much – and not an exciting prospect seeing as I am unwell at the moment.

By the time I arrive at Langkawi I rather feel like rubbish – all the in and out of hot/cold environments and two flights have taken their toll and I feel sicker than I did this morning.  Thankfully, the island of Langkawi is so beautiful that it’s easy to try and forget how I feel.

Langkawi got its name from the combination of ‘lang’ & ‘kawi’. ‘Lang’ from the Malay word helang meaning eagle & ‘kawi’ from Sanskrit meaning marble.

We have booked three nights at the Rebak Island Resort on Rebak Island off the Cenang Beach end of Langkawi.  Once we arrive at Port Langkasuka, its a fifteen minute boat ride to our resort.  From the jetty we take a little buggy to reception to check in, greeted with a small glass of tea that tastes like nectar.  Then its back in the buggy to our room.  We have a partial view of the sea and a lovely little balcony from which to enjoy it.

On the way to Rebak
On the way to Rebak
Our home for the next three nights
Our home for the next three nights

After unpacking and freshening up, we pop into the reception area to book some activities for the days ahead, which is easily achieved.  And then we don’t have long to wait until happy hour which is from 6pm – 8pm at the Lepak Bar nightly.  After a short walk, we find out there is a Malaysian night market buffet on for dinner tonight.  I’m very happy to see there’s a roti canai (pronounced ‘charnai’) stall because its a dish I’ve been wanting to try for a while.  Served up with a nice chicken and vegetable curry, its a delight.

The Nights Delights!!
The Nights Delights!!

The satay sticks have been grilled to perfection and I also get to try nasi kandar for the first time,  which I really liked too.

Perhaps best of although, is the selection of desserts because most of the buffets we’ve encountered lately have had western desserts rather than local.  I grab a plate of pandan crepe filled with pandan flavoured coconut, some coconut mousse (absolutely heavenly) and one other coconutty piece which I can’t recall the name of.

Heavenly treats
Heavenly delights

This has definitely been one of the best meals to date, perhaps helped along by the night market atmosphere.   People are I right when they say the food in Malaysia is to die for!

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