Rest and Recouperation

Today neither of us feel very top quality at all.  We start the day with lunch at Brunetti and decide that instead of running around town investigating, we should probably just relax, so first port of call is OPI at The Forum, to get our nails done.  Then we jump in a cab, cause it’s raining, and head to ION Orchard to try some shopping – but our heads feel like balloons and the noise in the shopping centres is just making enjoyment of shopping impossible.  So back in the taxi and we head to Chinatown to seek out massages of some kind.

But first, we stop in at Da Dong (Fatty Weng) for a bowl of soul warming chicken and corn soup and a dish of the lemonyist Lemon Chicken ever (nicely so though).  I found Da Dong a few trips back but unfortunately the last couple of times I’ve been in Singapore, it has been closed, because of renovations occurring in Chinatown Food Street.  The works are all finished now though and Da Dong is back in operation.

Soup for the Soul
Soup for the Soul

Yummy tummy warming, soul good food.  The waiter walks us to the door and warns us to be careful because rain is on the way.  We walk through the newly renovated food street – it’s all sterile now, but I think they have retained its atmosphere.  I’ll have to dine here next time to make sure though.

Stopping into Kenko, we manage to book an appointment for our massages.  You couldn’t do that in Perth!  I go for an ear candling session which comes with a lymphatic drainage massage, which I’m hoping will clear my head up, because I’m sick of feeling like I have a balloon in my head.  Its relaxing in an odd non-relaxing kind of way, but I’m hoping this makes me feel better tomorrow.

After lunch we stroll through the sprinkling rain to Clarke Quay.  It’s raining again when we get there, and despite having grand plans for dinner, we end up eating an early dinner at SQUE on the wrong side of the Quay before heading home for an early  night.  A nice sleep will hopefully help us feel great tomorrow now we are all relaxed and massaged and manicured.

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