Time to Party

It might surprise you that we aren’t in for doing much again today!  We end up heading over to Takashimaya to fill up on Royce Chocolates.  On the way to Royce, we stop to explore all the food stalls in the basement level.  There’s all sorts of stuff here – melons for $168, apples the size of rockmelons (cantaloupe), all sorts of cakes, katsu sandwiches, dried antelope horns, black garlic, dried anenome’s, Harrod’s biscuits and ice cream.  An amazing feast for the eyes and the stomach.

Just outside Takashimaya is the Sapporo Petite Donut store.  $4.80 SGD gets you eight flavoured mini donuts and yes they are good.  We watch the chef pour the dough and fillings into his moulds and snap them shut for cooking – this bit we don’t get to see because the doors to Takashimaya open and the pull of Royce is too great, but they aren’t deep fried in a vat of oil like back home.

Mmmmm donuts!
Mmmmm donuts!

For the rest of the day, we browse in and out of the shops – mostly those which we have never visited before.  I do manage to buy a new dress in H&M and over a lunch of Thai, we decide that we actually do feel a little better today and that we should make a real effort to head out tonight for our last night of holidays.  So after an afternoon nap, and a few glasses of champagne, we dress up, me in my new red dress and the beautiful necklace I picked up in Penang, and head on out.

All dressed up and plenty of places to go
All dressed up and plenty of places to go

Now for dinner – hmmm, let’s go to the post office.

No really, that’s where we’ll eat tonight. OK?

Well, alright, it’s not actually a post office anymore, but it was once. KPO is the old Killiney Post Office. Interestingly enough, KPO doesn’t actually stand for “Killiney Post Office” – it is actually the initials for its location, being situated at the intersection between Killiney Road, Penang Road and Orchard Road. I don’t know what to expect of KPO, but each time I pass by it on my way out of Orchard Road, it tugs at me. A shady looking oasis in the shopping belt. I usually happen to start my shopping at the ION Orchard end of town, which is perhaps which I never remember to visit KPO. It’s always at the end of a shopping trip when I’m ready to leave the bustle of Orchard Road.

The second level boasts a roof top balcony.  And this is where we are seated.  For dinner I choose the Sir Roti John – a grilled baguette with sautéed wagyu beef mince, onions, egg and homemade chips.  It’s better than the roti I had at Gluttons Bay (sorry Makansutra!), probably because the definite meaty taste which was absent at Gluttons.

Meet Sir John
Meet Sir John

After dinner, we stop by the Acid Bar at Peranakan Place, lured by the sounds of a man and his guitar.  Nelson, as it turns out his name is, is a cool sounding young man, strumming a guitar – he plays a couple of songs I don’t know, including a Cantonese version of Happy Birthday to someone in the crowd, but then he plays Extreme’s “More than Words” and Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”.  I’m hooked.  We stay till the end of his set, which unfortunately isn’t long enough.

We stumble back to the hotel, but not quite satisfied, we stop in at the hotel’s pool side bar, Bar Canary for a drink.

Bar Canary
Bar Canary

And then we order a glass of Champagne to our rooms also.  Now we’ve had enough.

Damn, I forgot to get stamps.

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