An Icy End to our Singaporean Trip

For breakfast this morning, we head to an old favourite – TCC.  A cheesy melt and a kura goma milkshake for me, and I am more than full.  Kura Goma is the Japanese word for black sesame seed.  Given how much I love black sesame seed ice cream, I thought it only fitting that I try this shake.  Thick and lush, it tastes like a milkshake made of crushed oreos with end notes of sesame seed.  I could have downed two of the them, if only the cheesey melt wasn’t so filling!

Mmmm cheesy!
Kura what?
Kura what?

When I visited Singapore around New Years, there was a special temporary event in Singapore that I had wanted to check out, but didn’t get around to. What would you least expect in a country with temperatures that hardly drop below 25° and humidity sitting at a constant 95%? Snow and ice, right. Well the 2 Degree Ice Art exhibition, currently running on Sheares Avenue near Marina Bay, incorporates ice sculptures of all sorts of things, the likes of which you would see in China’s Harbin Ice Festival, but on a smaller scale and inside (of course!).

The Raffles and Sir Stamford
The Raffles and Sir Stamford
The Statue of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty

It was odd to feel cold in Singapore, even if for only a short while.  When you book in, you get a pair of gloves (to keep) and a thick long parka with a hoody to protect you from the cold.  Probably a bad move to wear thongs then.  It’s not a huge display as I mentioned before, and I can’t imagine that it was anywhere near as amazing as being in Harbin, but we enjoyed it.

After a brief wander around Marina Bay Sands Shoppes and a stop by Clarke Quay for lunch, and one last drink in the hotel lobby, its time to leave for the airport.  I am really looking forward to my own bed and getting better.  I’ve felt very disappointed with this trip.  There were so many things I didn’t get to do, thanks to being unwell.  Next time I go away – mental note – don’t work yourself to the bone!  I almost feel like I wasted my trip, but looking back, I guess we still did a far bit.

As for anything I didn’t do this time, well I might as well tell you, I’ll be back in September after my next trip.

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